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Gran Fondo Event information
Information and Rules - Gran Fondo
  • 21, 32, 58 and 100 mile gran fondo-style bike rides
  • Although there will be some road closures, some intersection controls, and some police escorts, ALL Fondo Riders are responsible for staying RIGHT of the Centerline
  • “Rules of the Road” means you are subject to the traffic laws set forth by the state of Arkansas and Missour! You must stop at traffic lights and stop signs; ride single or double as allowed.
  • So, be SMART! You are riding as "Rules of the Road". Follow the strict centerline rule and ride to the right of the centerline at all times. Ride two-abreast. Act like your life depends on your own common sense - because it does!
  • Make sure you pick your ride distance according to your realistic ability and your training pace the past couple months. To make sure everyone keeps pace we have necessary rerouting points. A sweep vehicle driver will advise slower riders of their option to continue unsupported or SAG to the finish when route support ends. Riders opting to continue without support will relinquish their timing chip upon notice by the sweep.
  • Head phones are NOT allowed in the triathlon, bike rides. If head phones are observed then participants will be disqualified...period!
  • Competitors are not required to have a USA Cycling license
  • Each competitor must sign a USA Cycling release form at packet pickup/registration
  • Participants may purchase $25K in accidental/medical insurance for a $15 one-day license
  • Each rider must wear the provided helmet#, bib & frame numbers, plus timing chip
  • Road, mountain or triathlon bikes are allowed, but make sure they are in good working condition.
  • Ride cutoff times - see below.
  • All 2017 USAC non-competitive rules are in effect
  • USA Cycling Permit: pending
  • Event will be held rain or shine
  • Minimum age for 21 mile ride - Age 10 (accompanied by parent/guardian), age 14 if not
  • Minimum age for 32 mile ride - Age 16
  • Minimum age for 58 mile ride - Age 16
  • Minimum age for 100 mile ride - Age 18.
  • Course Time Limits - Gran Fondo:
  • 21 mile - 2.5 hours
  • 32 mile - 4 hours
  • 58 Mile - 6.5 hours
  • 100 Mile (9.5 hours) - 4:30 pm
  • All SAG support will stop at 4:30 pm.
  • Start Time, Staging, parking and Directions:
  • 7:00am - 100 Mile Bike Tour Ride
  • 7:10am - 58 Mile Bike Tour Ride
  • 7:20am - 32 Mile Bike Tour Ride
  • 7:25am - 21 Mile Bike Tour Ride
  • Victoria Inn (start location) - at the intersection of E. Van Buren & Ridgeview Rd. See Google Maps link - Click here. 4052 E. Van Buren Eureka Springs, AR 72632. The Victoria Inn is 2.5 miles east of the Hwy 23 (Huntsville Rd) / Hwy 62 intersection (this intersection is located next to Land O Nod motel, which is not the staging area) .
  • The start and finish lines are located in seperate locations.
  • The finish line is located on Main Street in front of the Eureka Springs City Courthouse
  • Transportation - click here.
  • General Packet Pickup / Registration Info for Inn of the Ozarks
  • Pine Room in the main lobby - 207 W. Van Buren, Eureka Springs, AR 72632
  • Thursday 5pm to 8pm - Packet Pickup / late registration for ALL events
  • Friday 8:30am to 10:30am - Packet Pickup / late registration for ALL events
  • Friday 5pm to 8pm - Packet Pickup / Late Registration for bike and run events only
  • Onsite Packet Pickup - NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION
  • LOCATION - Victoria Inn - (intersection of E. Van Buren & Ridgeview Rd). The staging area is 2.5 miles east from the Hwy 23 (Huntsville Rd) / Hwy 62 intersection, which is located next to Land O Nod motel. See Google Maps link - Click here.
  • Saturday from 5:30am to 7:00am - same location as above
  • Course - GRAN FONDO
  • All Bike Ride courses - Click here
  • 100 mile printable PDF - click here
  • 100 mile Strava link - click here
  • 58 mile printable PDF - click here
  • 58 mile Strava link - click here
  • 32 mile Strava link - click here
  • 32 mile printable PDF - click here
  • 21 mile printable PDF - click here
  • 21 mile Strava link - click here
  • Important Notes for road hazards and safety. Click here.
  • Fun Stations - GRAN FONDO
  • The aid stations or as we like to call them..the FUN STATIONS are one of a kind! Voted by seasoned Gran Fondo and bike tour riders as some of the best!
  • Besides PowerBars, PowerGels, water, fruit, bananas and the basics each community has their own home baked goodies. The cinnamon rolls are one-of-a-kind!!
  • Pre & Post Race Goodies
  • Goody bag with lots of sponsor products and services
  • Finisher prize for all bike competitors
  • Saturday post ride celebration with beverages and snacks.
  • Awards
  • 32, 58 and 100 Mile Gran Fondo - Overall and Strava Segment Awards to be announced.
  • 21 Mile Ride - finisher prize.
  • door prizes
  • Sunday - attend the post-event celebration on Sunday, 11am and all competitors are eligible for giveaways. It's worth sticking around for the slide show and prizes!
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